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First Sunday talk.

Quite a bit of discussion about Russian botnet influence in 2016 election.

I posted something in the Slack channel about her being unhinged at one point.

Nobody has provided any evidence that what the Russian botnets did changed a single vote.

Wired had the best synopsis of what Muller’s indictments included, but even that doesn’t show that anyone was convinced not to vote for Hillary.

The majority of people who voted in the 2016 election voted for someone other than Hillary (including me; no, I didn’t support the President, but I definitely voted against Mrs. Clinton.)

She also had an implicit contention that the rash of stories about evidence of governments being agencies being afflicted with ransomware induced people to not vote.

Wait, what?

The local water department got hacked, so I’m not going to vote.

Lots of skepticism, there.

The third thing was a forceful encouragement to go vote.

While I normally do vote, for most of my life, I’ve gone specifically to vote against a particular candidate (see 2016, where I went to vote against Hillary and Trump).

I’ve also heard Katherine Mangu-Ward make several compelling arguments against voting. She wrote about this back in 2012.

As someone with views that don’t neatly-align with either of the two major parties, I appreciate it more these days.

It leads me to give credence to the Ancaps’ argument that maybe we’d all be better off with less government.

I worry a lot about what’s going to happen to me, personally, if on eof the Medicaid For All (yes, I know they call it Medicare, but it’ll be Medicaid). People like me will just not be treated, aside from palliative care.

Solu-metrol is cheap. So are various oral analgesics. Add in anti-depressants, and all is good. Worry less about the long-term effects; maybe we’ll die sooner, and save money.