How do you feel about the reality gap between civilian and military families?\
This has become more obvious to me with the recent events.  Most Americans don’t know anyone in the military.  I am completely confused by this since I am surrounded by people in the military and wanted to join the military myself.
There have been several occasions where people make me shake my head at people who don’t seem to understand what the purpose of the military is or what they do.  Here are a few:

  • A neighbor once told my dad that she thought people in the military just sat behind desks all day, while we were living a few miles away from the largest naval base in the world.
  • The people who call for complete transparency about certain operations in the military (in the case of the special forces, the families don’t even know what they are doing, why should the entire country be informed about it?)
  • People who don’t know what a gold star family is (a gold star family is a family who lost a loved one serving in the military).

So yeah, these people just irritate me.  You want to know why you can run your mouth about everything that is wrong with this and that in America?  It’s because of the people in the military who serve this country and protect your freedom.
So, on this Veteran’s Day, thank a veteran for their service!  Thank ALL the veterans!!
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