Zataran’s has started selling rice bowl jibbies, ala, Uncle Ben’s. I’ve been trying them out… The jambalayas are a bit over-seasoned, as most commercial Cajun food is. But they’re still pretty good for frozen food.
The red beans and rice, however, are actually really good! Like, I’ve been unimpressed with most commercial red beans and rice offereings (Popeyes’ are pretty pathetic), but these are actually pretty close to what you’d make, or get in a place on the Gulf Coast.
I’m awake. I ended up having to go back to work this morning. It sucked. Then I had a weird dream (actually, it’s one that I wouldn’t mind having come true, but I won’t share…tough), and woke up from that.
I should attempt to go back to sleep, I think. Imma be worthless at work tonight.