Three (7/22)

I’ve been fighting through DNS gremlins the past few weeks with this.
I was too blind to get things really working the way I wanted when all of this moved to where it is now.
Then I updated to the new systems-ified Debian release, blowing up my well-tended legacy install.
I also haven’t gotten the mailing list stuff setup yet.
There’s backups on a sever that’s languishing somewhere with the rest of our stuff, as we hang in out temporary landing spot.
All that said, things are sort of coming around.  Am I satisfied?  No, not really, but it’ll get there.
I do have energy to work on things again, at least.
Still going through debates about where we want to land.  *shrug*
You can change one significant event in history, and only things directly related to it will change in the future. Do you change it, and if so, what event do you choose?
The Treaty of Fucking Versailles.
There’s little more to say about that.
One of the places I am completely with Glenn Beck is that Wilson was the worst president in history..
Why did the phrase, “JDAM for Rushmore” just pop into my scarred brain?
More tomorrow, I’m sure.  I am keeping up, though this afternoon’s issues gave me some second thoughts.