Seven (7/26)

Free Write
I’d plopped this out there, hoping I’d be more in the writing groove by now.  Notsomuch.  Oh well.
So, what’s going on?
Work:  It’s progressing.  I think I am meshing with my coworkers.  Fits and starts getting me completely setup to work, but things are progressing finally.  It’s incredible that many of the things that were getting me in trouble down in Tidewater are exactly the things I’m supposed to be doing here.  It’s almost as if I actually do know what I’m doing, and give a shit about making sure I’m operating in accordance with published regulations.  I can also trace those regulations all the way back to the laws passed that brought them about.  A younger me would have cared more about proving that point, but I really just can’t bring myself to care.
Health.   Nothing to say, really.  I stumbled a bit yesterday about my considerations with regards to my soon-to-be-former insurer.  I have lots of problem.  I don’t know if those are considerably worse due to the upheaval surrounding my relocation.   At the same time, I really don’t care.  I had my infusion, and it made me feel a lot better.
I really don’t know what else to write about.  Long week is long.