Twenty-nine (8/17)

I thought earlier today, counting on my fingers, that I was okay on the days.
Nope, I’m still a day early.  Oops.
That said, at least someone actually did read some of what I said yesterday.  If I was petty about it, I might complain that it only took 28 entries.
So flashback time….


So, the nurse lied to me over the phone last week. I have two new lesions since December, one of which was active during the scan.
Staying on the Copaxone for three more months. Anotehr MRI in November.
There’s now a blood test for the virus that causes PML associated with the Tysabri. I guess about half the population have been exposed to the virus, and, therefore, shouldn’t use Tysabri.
I don’t really know what more to say. Don’t like waking my wife up with less-than-good news.🙁

That definitely feels like another time in my life.  Copaxone sucked for a variety of reasons, but it wasn’t the hell that the next two DMDs would be.  (Disease Modifying Drugs)
The second seriously had me considering taking the Red Line like Kate Mara on House of Cards.
The third completely screwed up my lower half, and gave me nice hives.  I did have another exacerbation on it, too, though the neurologist kept me on it because the flare stopped after IV steroids.
Then I had to find new specialists because none of the ones I’d been seeing accepted my plan from  It was awesome.
Back to the Copaxone, though.  I wrote that a few weeks before my wife and I went on our year-delayed honeymoon.  (Yes, we had our first anniversary in New Orleans.  She’d forgotten about it, and was more than a little surprised when flowers were delivered to our hotel room….)
But it was some nice time away.  People at work today were razzing me about something NOLA-related.  I called someone a Saint. compared to someone else.  (I think I called Bill Gates a saint when you look at him next to Larry Ellison.)
So.  My usual line about the Saints — “I’ve been a Saints’ fan since before Jim Mora was famous for ‘Playoffs?!'”  So before the information about Greggggggg’s bounty scandal came out.  Before the hiring of Buddy Ryan Jr.-B.  Before #BlewDat.
“Blew Dat” is actually the name of one of my fantasy teams this year.  I need to figure WTF is going on with the other league(s).
Something to do this weekend.
But, all in all, a pretty successful week, I think.  My ticket queue is nearly empty (and all but one of those is almost finished)  I got my Tysabri infusion.
So time to go do weekend stuff.