What places hold particular allure for you; where might you like to live?

Writing in the middle of the night, because I fell asleep during the Packers-Bears game, and am now wide awake.

(And also still uncomfortable from overeating today….)

This prompt is kind of related to yesterday’s; I think Detroit has a lot of potential. I think the same of many of the “rustbelt” cities – Baltimore, Cleveland, Kansas City, St. Louis, Boston, Philadelphia, Twin Cities, Milwaukee, Buffalo, some of the NYC boroughs outside Manhattan. (Aside: I still, and probably never will, understand why Cleveland and Milwaukee don’t have NHL teams. Not that I have the least bit of interest in hockey, but it seems like those would be two places that are natural hockey towns.)

Yes, that includes Brooklyn, even though I can’t grow a hipster beard or manbun. Hell, I’d even consider something in northern Jersey if the right job presented itself.

Almost universally, these places are known as being cold. When I was younger, that’d have bothered me more. I really don’t notice it as much anymore, though. I notice cold a lot less than I notice heat. Yes, this is directly-related to the MS, but…. My mother is very concerned about me being under-dressed in cold weather, still.

Still, hypothermia seems less likely than passing out because I can’t breathe in the heat. I’m also very much intrigued by cities that are good for living without a car. That I can’t drive anymore has a lot to do with that.

So, notables….

I find Southwest DC interesting for some reason.,_Washington,_D.C.

There’s also gentrification going on in Southeast. I’d still probably not want to live in Anacostia, but you never know.

I do like Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia. If I manage to score a DC gig before my wife finishes school, that’s probably where I’d look to live until she can come join me.

I mentioned NYC. Maybe I’ve got an idealized vision, but I know at least I could get around without a car.

I can get most places when I’m in Norfolk. When I’m at my mother’s, where I stay when I’m working, OTOH, I’m nearly a recluse. I can’t go anywhere. sigh Even when I’m home on the weekends, though, I don’t have a lot of energy to get around.

I think I might be settling down again, so I’m going to cut this off now.

I have to get up in a few hours to go get another flu shot. When I got the first one, it was the first day I got Tysabri. Something about immunosuppressants killing a vaccine’s effectiveness. Go figure.