We’ve Offended the Frenchy French

Thanks to Glenn Beck for the nickname. Unfortunately, the accent doesn’t translate to text….
Anyway, we’ve pissed off the Frenchy French, the Germans, the Canadians, and the Russians because their companies won’t be allowed to bid on contracts to rebuild Iraq.
Excuse me?
Look, here’s the deal, and I’ll spell it out for each country…..
France: Take Jerry Lewis, and I don’t think anyone would be particularly upset if we never heard from you again. It’s a moot point for you really — is there anything actually made in france anymore, other than food and wine?
Germany: Like your Communist Chancellor now? Couldn’t wait to stick it to Helmutt, but things have been downhill since he left.
Russia: Hey, guys, we know Saddam owed you money. But you could have helped out some. Dubya might change his mind here, because Vladimir has records of his wild youth from the KGB archives.
Canada: You notice how quickly the US Army sliced through Iraq? STFU, or you’re next.
Here’s the deal. The companies from the countries in the “Coalition of the willing” funded the Iraq invasion via taxes they paid. They ought to reap the benefits that are appearing now. It’s as simple as that.