Old Skool

Broadcast Message from tim@users.757.org
(/dev/ttyps) at 16:49 EST…
It pisses Adam off to no end, because it fucks up everything you’ve got open in a screen session when somebody does that. Normally the perpertrator is none other than yours truly.
I had a very strange dream today. No shit. I abandoned all reason, and went to become Howard Dean’s media advisor. Of course, it’s a job I’m only marginally qualified for, and I don’t think I’d work for Dr. Dean (see, I’ve figured that one out too….you say “Dr. Dean” or “General Clark” next to the disparaging “Mister Bush”….objective journalism 101 here folks), but we were riding around the country in this beat up like 1940’s Plymouth. Having strategy sessions. I’d taken the job because I’d gotten pissed off at the radio station, and decided that anything, even throwing away my principles and working for rich boy Howie, would be better than spending one more night slaving away inside the newsroom. I wonder if it conincides with the fact that I got woken up again today for a bullshit reason…
I did write some damn good campaing ads for Howie, tho. I’d do that sort of thing, except campaigning isn’t a good way to make a halfway decent living.
And I’ve goot too much hair to be James Carville.

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  1. Man, I know how to reset shit – it’s the fact that I had to do that because someone decide to just fuck around with broadcast messages. That shit should be rm -f’d anyways! WTF! 🙂

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