I win!

I keep logs open with tail for a reason…..
From exim’s mainlog:
2004-09-25 08:12:59 1CBBQ9-000E5k-Pc H=ccm01.roving.com [] F= rejected after DATA: This message scored 96.1 points. This has been logged. You will be reported to spam-fighting agencies. If you have received this message in error, mail postmaster@[my domain] with the IP of your mail server in the subject.
From /var/log/maillog:
Sep 25 08:12:58 norfolk spamd[54186]: checking message <1011353435994.1011259033049.25510.2.140759@scheduler> for nobody:65534.
Sep 25 08:12:59 norfolk spamd[54186]: identified spam (96.1/5.0) for nobody:65534 in 1.2 seconds, 17140 bytes.
Unfortunately, due to the way I have exim/exiscan configured, I don’t have a copy of this message to prove it. :-/
But that could have been the biggest piece of spam, ever!