Frenchie French on the take

Bill Gertz of the Washington Times, again, on top of things. This time, the French were paid off to thwart the US in the UN Security Council.
I guess this one passes that “international test,” Kerry speaks of……..
The US should not cowtow to the criminals in the UN anymore. Rather, we should withdraw from it completely. It’s time. It failed. Just like the League of Nations. It was a farce from the beginning, however, as it never strove to really ensure personal freedom around the world, despite its comical declaration of human rights (which can be suspended completely if a UN goal is deemed of greater importance). If international cooperation is desired, a multinational organization needs to be formed that explicitly excludes non-free countries. Lay out objective standards — if there are nations in the world who do not meet those standards, they cannot be members, nor may they receive aid from free countries.

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