Debate Notes #3

Unedited, of course…

Kerry has a sore throat…all homeland security problems are due to tax cuts for the rich
Kerry with the “outsourcing” of getting Osama again
Bush answers question about flu vacciene, Kerry hammers for health insurance losses….what does universal health insurance have to do with a vacciene shortage?
Schieffer nails Kerry about productivity increases
Bush doesn’t know whether or not homosexuality is a sin
Bush gets at, but doesn’t nail problem with health care costs…..consumers don’t pay
Kerry: private savings accounts “disaster”
Bush proposes gastarbeiter program
Kerry proposes cyber-methods for border security.
Kerry: “It’s loooong overdue time to raise the minimum wage.”
Kerry….assault weapons ban expiration is a failure of presidental leadership….
Bush: God wants everybody to be free
Kerry is trying to be more pious than Bush….”Everything is a gift from the almighty”
Bush: “She [Laura] speaks English much better than I do.”