So, since I was already nauseous from drinking too much last night, I decided to tune in Air Enron (see Brian Maloney’s excellent coverage at Radio Equalizer.), to see what the moonbats were talking about. The show was “Ring of Fire,” which features Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., a man who sounds like he’s on the verge of crying every time he speaks.
Anyhow, Kennedy gained some notice earlier this week by writing an article claiming that Katrina was a direct result of the US failing to ratify the Kyoto treaty. Today, he brought up Pat Robertson’s claim from a few years back that Orlando was going to be hit by a hurricane as punishment from God for hiring homosexuals (he left out the most entertaining part of that story…..it was a hurricane *or* a meteor, according to Rev. Pat.).
Kennedy at first began to dismiss Robertson’s implication for the hogwash that it is. Then, suddenly, he starts quoting from Hosea. (WTF?) For the next couple of minutes, he gives a back story about how Haley Barbour lobbied President Bush to abandon a proposed a policy change in regards to CO2 emmissions. His final conclusion? That, yes, Katrina is divine punishment on the state of Mississippi for Barbour’s lobbying.