Resistance Is Futile

I did manage not to write last week, so there’s that.

I’m taking a break from my oh-so-fascinating protection for a bogus IT certification racket.

I’m listening to The Fifth Column taking a break from barely-functional labs.

Woohoo. I know how to fire up Wireshark on a Win10 VM!!1!

Getting the promised gift to TFC is proving more difficult than I originally thought. Virginia’s screwed-up liquor laws don’t help.

But I’m stumbling along as well as could be expected.

All that said, I am exhausted. Perhaps that’s due to expiration of my Tysabri does,. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that I’ve had odd sleep patterns the past week or so.

I did run the Jitsi meeting last night. I’d never done that before for the HR Geeks folks last night. The only other meeting I’d ever done was talking to my mom on Mothers’ Day.

The webcam I’d ordered in mid-April for these meets finally showed up earlier this week, too. Enjoy the quarantine at the Port of Los Angeles.

Maybe I’ll remember later exactly what I meant to write about.