Not a lot of desire to do this today. I was actually thinking early this morning that maybe it’d be easier to just quit.

I’m not going to do that, because I want to finish what I started.

So. News. The team with the formerly-offensive name is now just the “Washington Football Team.”

I still think they’re missing out on the moniker I thought of.

So. News. There’s this.

It’s almost amusing to see all these “icons” getting torn down years after their deaths. Was he a racist? Probably not nearly as much as Virginia-born Democrat Woodrow Wilson, but….

I asked on Twitter, and got a funny response:

Was he a slave-peddler? Nothing that I’ve seen really indicates that. Did both good and bad things pop up because this Italian guy did the bidding of the Spanish monarchy? Sure. Do I support the Spanish monarchy? No. Do I support eliminating every mention? No. It happened. Some people are happy about that.


You’re not going to hide it.

Some people in the past drew inspiration from what he did, and erected monuments to those things. Fine. Let them stand, and remove them when they don’t serve any purpose anymore.

Should the Wilson bridge have been renamed when it was widened? Yeah. Should it happen right now? I’m very conflicted.

Is “Redskins” offensive? Yeah, at some point it was. For me, someone born during the Carter Administration, when I hear it, I think of George Allen, and the “Over The Hill Gang,” Joe Gibbs, John Riggins, Mark Rypien, and the Posse. I don’t think of anything racist.

Hell, I’m young enough that when someone mentions “Earnest Byner,” I think of the 1991 Redskins, not “The Fumble.”

Somebody from Cleveland probably thinks differently.

I also, as a Saints’ fan, think of the Saints losing to the Redskins on Sunday Night Football to a Redskins Team that’d started the season 0-5, and led by Tony Banks after they’d released their starting quarterback (Jeff George) something like three games.


But FedEx and Nike are on my no-buy list..

On to digging through the past….

I want a beer – 7/24/2002

It’s 4:39 in the morning, I’m at work, and I want a beer.


Tfffftbt. I wanna go far, far away from here.

I get off at six, and don’t have to be back at work until 9 saturday night.

Hmmph…what to do what to do…

I’m not sure what was going on around this time. I’d graduated from college, and was still working in radio. My time off, still, wasn’t really fun nights to do things. I didn’t have a lot to do. It would have been hot outside, so maybe that was it.