Very long, very exhausting day.

But I think I’m showing how to use new tools effectively. What I got accomplished in about 45 minutes would likely have taken three days using the old methods.


Obviously, there’s still a ton coming about what’s going on in Afghanistan.

I’ve listened to a few takes on various podcasts, etc., but there’s really no way to sugar-coat this.

The Operation’s over.

We failed.

Let’s try not to do that again.

You can point all the fingers you want. Every President since 9/11 bears responsibility. The current administration, and the corporate media will try to pin it on someone they don’t like, but what’s the point?

For every excuse found, there’d be an easily-found counterpoint. When you’re not playing for one of the two big teams, it doesn’t really matter.

Speaking of not being on teams, Tim Tebow was released. That brings me to the bit I’m recycling from my drafts folder —

Thanksgiving Football

From Thanksgiving 2014:

Also, what the fuck, NFL? Six NFC teams? Part of the draw of Thanksgiving football has always been that one game was a conference rivalry (often in-division), and one cross-conference game. Lett us not forget Leon in the snow at Texas Stadium.

The games were actually pretty good this past year. Thanksgiving Football is my favorite part of Thanksgiving. Keep the early games as they were previously; one cross-conference, one divisional. Lions and Cowboys. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. The nighttime game can be all-AFC. Somewhere cold with snow would be pretty neat. I could definitely go for seeing a game in Buffalo, Cleveland, New England, etc..

Enough. Four more days. Three more entries.