Almost two-thirds of the way through. Not a lot to say today, really. Some good exchanges with friends about various podcasts to consume.

Thinking back, I had a lot more certitude about various things back then. That kind or serves as a good bridge into today’s prompt. I somehow missed a prompt somewhere, so I had to fetch another from the stash.

Who knows.

Do you feel the need to have an opinion on everything?

No. And, saying that, sometimes something you come around to understand why things were done a way that you viewed as stupid when you were first examining them.

I’m thinking, mainly, about things like design decisions I saw on IT systems/programs. Something that appeared completely insane to me in 2002 actually makes a lot of sense now. Several of those things were completely opposite of what my opinion was.

This kind of ties back to what I talked about with sharing podcasts. I sent this to someone. There’s aspects to being a human that aren’t at all explainable.

I used to not believe that at all. That certitude is, in and of itself, an opinion on everything.

Is it possible for me to figure everything out? No. Are there a lot of things that I couldn’t care less about? Absolutely.

I’m no longer ashamed to admit that there’s things I don’t know, and probably never will.

It would make me a shitty politician, or, now, reporter.

Detroit is cancelling its Thanksgiving parade.

You have a guy who probably was elected President a couple of weeks ago who ran on the idea that if only the guy he’s replacing had done something different, the world wouldn’t be having these problems.


The Belgians didn’t have the same decision-makers, but things are still really bad there.

Stupid Flanders.