Feel like I’m Tom Brady throwing a pass to one of his running backs last night. Something I should be doing with ease, but I manage to screw it up.

The prompt I had queued up for today’s entry is suspiciously close to something I’d written about a few days ago. It involved which book has had a lasting effect on you.

I wrote about How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World. In discussions yesterday, it occurred to me that despite years that had passed since I last read the book, I was actually sort of doing some of the things he recommended in the path to freedom. I was getting rid of debts, getting rid of complicating commitments arrangements, etc.. I moved, and continued down that path.

You can leave.

(Though it wasn’t running through my head when I wrote that, it sorta jibes with Charles Grodin’s book title — It Would Be So Nice If You Weren’t Here). Looking at the linked entry, however, I did sort of do that again. There’s little other than toxicity, and misinformation on Facebook.

I’ve been posting links to my ramblings up there somewhat sporadically, but wonder if it’s even worth doing, anymore.

On to a newfound prompt for this today….

Is there somewhere specific you like to go when you want to come up with ideas? 

There really isn’t a place. I really can’t leave my apartment. I do occasionally just sort of zone out, and try to get thoughts to come to me.

A lot of what I’ve been listening to with Pete’s podcasts about what he’s done/is doing with meditation. When I started at CNU, I was in the Honors program. The stuck-in-1974 professor had us reading Ram Dass.

I was very opposed to doing anything I considered um, mystical, back then.

Around age twenty, I considered myself a committed atheist.

The more that I considered the, as I call them, evangelical agnostics, really bothered me. Unsurprisingly, South Park had an episode about those sorts of people.

My psychologist also recommended someone who was pushing meditation.

I don’t know that I’m ready to go whole-hogom, and try to do that.

But back to the topic, I don’t go anywhere. I just relax and think.


I’d started in on something about a border conflict among China, India, and Bhutan. But this is more on with what I’ve been tracking lately.

Flashback to my radio days; there were lots of Saturday Morning infomercials extolling the virtues of microdoses of various substances. Take a whiff of garlic, and you won’t have problem X.

But with something like a lower-dose vaccine, maybe it does work?

The puzzling part about Astra’s results was that bigger doses were less efficacious. The vaccine was only 62% effective in a group that got two full doses spaced about a month apart. But among about 2,700 people who got a half-dose followed by a full, the number rose to 90%.

Why are you puzzled by this?

You do tests with different doses, and choose the one that proves most-effective.

This isn’t tough, really.