Again. So I do what I do.

Listening to this.

Obviously, this has been an absolutely crazy week in the world, and I don’t see things really calming down news-wise.

I will say “rest in peace” to Larry King.

Since about Thanksgiving I’ve been listening pretty attentively again to Mike O’Meara, and have a temptation today to pay for his bonus show….largely because I’m so against giving money to Patreon. I’ve been listening to Mike on and off since uh, 1989? I disagree vehemently with his political allegiances, but I do enjoy his product, and appreciate that he doesn’t do Patreon.

I’ve not checked to see what the status of this is, but that was kind of representative of why I refuse to send anything through Patreon. Ever. There’s other things that I’d like to support, Quilette, Bridgt. Sorry. I’ll buy stuff from your advertisers, but nothing directly through your give-me-money service.

But there’s ways to get around the people who are trying to stifle things.

It’s not easy, but I’m still trying to find freedom.

I dunno.