Superlong Weekend

it’s the Friday before Memorial Day, and I’m not working.

Timesheet signed, and I’m not doing anything work-related until I do a quick operative thing early Tuweday morning. It is tough to resist the urge to reach over to check my work email.

Delayed gratification.

As if checking work email provides any gratification.

Maybe it’s feeding a compulsion. Who knows.

Speaking of feeding compulsions, I really do want to write again this summer.

So. What else is up?

Looking at intertubes speed numbers in a place I might frequent sometime soon.

The progress that’s been made is incredible, and that’s despite the Net Neutrality constrictions.

I remember in 2009 driving to a Kinkos in Pensacola, East AlabamaFlorida just so I could download some large files I’d need for a job the next day. I gave up on the T-Mobile Waing tethered to my laptop. Drive to Kinko’s so I could download something like 80M of files. The hotel’s Internet basically didn’t work.

But that was then. Looking now, it looks like the home connections where I’m looking are nearing 100Mbps.

Could I go there and be okay?

I think so. Would it get better in spite of government regulation? Probably.

Would the liquor laws be any less stupid than Virginia’s?

It’d be tough to be worse.

But I’m going to stop now. Maybe more tomorrow. We’ll see.