Another Week

This was interesting.

The corporate press just ignored the FOIA releases of Dr. Fauci’s emails.

To quote President Biden, this is a big !@#&ing deal. But the press your relatives might be watching say it’s all good.

No. It’s not. It’s probably even worse than what Clapper did in 2013.

Obviously, Senator Paul is doing a lot of fundraising off of it, but who’s seeing it?

If you look at the numbers, it’s basically nobody.

You can leave. But does that do any good? Who knows.

I could write more about what I’m doing, personally, but it’s a curiosity only for a few.

So. What’s on tap for this week?

Well, I have an appointment with my neurologist on Monday. On Tuesday, I’ll vote in the party of Jim Crow’s primary for Virginia governor, and vote against some of the worst candidates.

The rest of the week, I have no idea. I should see if my wife will cut my hair; it’s getting hot outside.