Today’s news is just confirming the clarity I had Sunday morning.

We’re finished with that attempt. You failed. Move on.

I wish I was better at UML so I could explain it someway that the business-types could understand.

Government — your prescriptions failed. That doesn’t mean do it again, harder.

It didn’t work. Go away. You don’t have the answers, and let’s see what happens when people are free to make their own choices.

This isn’t that difficult.

But, I reiterate — YOU FAILED. I don’t hate you because of it, but I don’t want to be forced, at the point of a gun, to pay for you to try again. I also don’t want to be forced, again, at the muzzle of a gun, to adopt your new guidance.

I will take your recommendations into consideration, and make my own decisions. Don’t like that? Well, okay. Do what you will. I just ask that you do it where someone can see it.

On to prompts….

I accidentallied my prompts for today, so I’m going to answer several at once. They’re short answers, anyway, so consider it a mini-survey.

Talk about  two things about you that would surprise those who know you.(T2K)

I’m not sure I can pick even one, honestly. I really don’t hide many things, and when I do stumble across something that suits my fancy, I don’t hide it. I mean, why would I?

What was the last thing you put in your mouth? (T2K)

My sinister ring finger.

Do you sleep naked? (T2K)

I used to when I was younger, didn’t have my problems. Now, normally just underwear. You know, the kind one of my fictional sons is worried that the gnomes are worried about collecting.

Worst physical pain of your life? (T2K)

Getting on an airplane with a problematic tooth. Three martinis during my layover in Atlanta sortakinda dulled things, then the flight back to Virginia, and all the pain was back when the cabin started pressurizing.

Worst emotional pain of your life? (T2K)

I’m not sure? I mean, losing my dad was tough, but I think it would have probably been tougher if it’d been completely unexpected.

Favorite place you have ever been? (T2K)

I’m really not sure anymore. Everywhere in the world is fucked courtesy the virus, and the politicians’ reaction to it.

How late did you stay up last night? (T2K)

I guess I went to sleep (again) a little after 11.

If you could move somewhere else, where would it be? (T2K)

I don’t really know. I do like where I am, though I miss real city life. But see the question about the favorite place I’ve been. Everywhere, I think, is completely fucked thanks to politicians trying to fix something they can’t. I’m really not bitter about it, but I do wish they’d just stop.

Which of your Facebook friends lives the closest? (T2K)

Well, i married the person who invited me, so… (I fell into the weird middle ground; I graduated too early from college for it to have been a thing when I was there. My girlfriend, now my wife, sent me an invite. 2006, maybe? My best friend from high school lives a few miles away. But I spend so little time there, they’re getting upset that I’m not seeing ads. That’s what you get, you ginger dropout…