I’m not working, and keep getting distracted. Oh well.

I will get to what I planned to do after I finish this.

Or maybe after I have some coffee.

Things that are distracting me? Things like this. I’ve been lazy, again, about spelling out what the links are about. That one is about how NYc restaurants are refusing to check patrons’ vaccination status.

I applaud that. Sell your shit, and don’t worry about whether or not your customers are living a particular way you like.

People are just refusing to go along with the authoritarian mandates; just say no.

I did hear an interesting podcast, too, about a paper done at George Mason.

The folks who hate the Beltway Libertarians probably would have quit listening after the first few minutes. But it got more interesting as the writer discussed her research.

There was an outsized number of former military folks involved with what happened on January 6th. Yes, and that’s the headline the corporate press is going to report. Yes, and that’s why there’s the stand down on extremism. But there’s a lot more to the story, and it doesn’t make an exciting headline.

How do you get people to listen long enough to really consider things?


That gets attention. And that’s the important thing when getting a fleeting second of attention is what’s important.

Oh well.