Wind Down, Spin Up

Long, only partially-successful week.

Sunday I finally got my work laptop mostly working well enough to work Monday. Long day of work Monday, but I got through it.

Tuesday, I tried to go to Robbie Soave‘s book signing at the Reason office in DC. I did really want to meet the staff, deliver some gifts stored since before the pandemic, but I got the address wrong, and the state’s blind guy bus dropped me exactly where I’d requested…..a few blocks south of where I was supposed to be.

I used to say that I was good for about a block on foot. I think, now, that’s probably a bit too, ummm, optimistic.

If I know where I’m going, don’t have to read addresses, and have to backtrack, maybe that’s where I am.

I finally gave up, and ended up finding a Lyft driver who took me where I was supposed to go long enough to drop off my gifts, and drive me home.

I am still sore on Saturday.

I spent quite a bit of time Thursday and Friday preparing for my oldest friend and my trip to NYC for the debate.

A willingness to intervene, and to seek regime change, is key to an American foreign policy that benefits America.

I guess I’m generally against that idea. Trying to not let my general disdain for both of the debaters sway my opinion before i listen.

The album artwork for the album that came to mind reminds me of the NPC T-shirt I bought this week.

But I’m almost out of coffee, and a bit jealous of the folks going to Buck Johnson’s event in Texas week after next, or the Saluyta(sp?) Super-spreader event in Mexico in December put on by Johnny, and PFP.

But I can go to NYC on the train which makes things a bit easier. Get to ride Acela for the first time coming home.