Kind of boring bit today. Yesterday was kind of eventful, with disagreements I won’t really broach here, but not a ton going on.

I’m kind of trying to ignore the news.

Part of what I’ve been trying to do lately is really go back and re-evaluate previous conclusions, then everything that was based on those conclusions.

I wrote a bit about this with the Veterans’ Day entry. Would I be happier if I just continued to rely upon the things that were driven into my head in school?

Maybe. If I remained ignorant of it.

I really do think it’s important to periodically re-examine everything from square zero, and see if you still reach the same conclusions based on new evidence.

There’s nothing at all wrong with changing your mind. Admitting that you were wrong is tough, but is that tougher than stacking with something you know to be untrue?

I don’t know.

Prompt: Talk about two things about you that would surprise those who know you.(T2K)

  1. I get really wound-up about things sometimes. I am adept, however, at containing my true feelings. I’m not as much of a nerd as people might think. My math skills aren’t that impressive. But I refuse to let my conclusions remain when there’s hard data that contradicts them. I feel very strongly about some things, but I’m pretty good at controlling my emotions, still, despite my medical condition. When I lose control, it’s often with physical things (sometimes embarrassingly so…)
  2. I do pay particular attention to words. “You’re being over-sensitive!” Yeah, but I’m actually paying attention to what you said. Maybe that makes me different, but it’s what I am/what I do.

And, with that, I’m halfway through. The mustache is growing in. Still not seeing any gray hair. What the hell?