Another entry in one night, but I’m concerned about making sure I wake up on time to catch my flight.

Looking back through the archives, I have several entries called “Twenty-seven.” Many of them seem to deal with things like the most expensive bills I’ve had at restaurants, etc..

I guess the bills I saw at the big chain restaurants weren’t terribly exorbitant, really. That said, I really didn’t order anything too extravagant. I guess the bacon cheeseburger I had last night, though, was a few bucks more than it would have been a few years ago.

Eating at the chain, however, was really unsatisfying. A lot of food, sure, but it wasn’t very good. The 22oz. beer, and two shots of Fireball made me forget some…and perhaps fall asleep faster. Tomorrow, however, I’ll sleep on one of my flights.

Being the disabled guy does get you extra-special attention while flying. I can’t imagine trying to get from gate-to-gate lugging what I’m going to have with me.

For what it’s worth, first class airfare was within about $80 of the train ride to where I am now.

Who knows if I’ll get meals on the flight. But I’d be happy with just a couple of tonic waters….

So I’m finished until Thursday. Still remains to be seen what work I’ll have to do when I get home.