Work day isn’t finished yet. I don’t know. I took a particularly-refreshing nap after the first round this morning and afternoon, and am not particularly excited about going back later on to re-do what’s 75% complete.

Ain’t needed, but it’s necessary.

Nothing notably strange with the drams today, so there’s that, I suppose.

The NeoHippies were actually sort of upset that this piece of garbage got smoked.

Yeah. I can’t bring myself to consider all the bad things that have happened during the quest for him. But that’s less important than the fact that he’s dead. We’re finished. It’s time to go home.

That so much can be done from afar makes that even more true.

Not really seeing anything that I wanna revisit from today’s date, either. Whatever.

Settling back into the routine.

It’s fine. And I originally mistyped that as “gine.” That could be a sign that I want some gin to make up for the stuff lost in delivery in May…..

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