Today’s been the first day where what I’m going to write about really didn’t float through my brain throughout the day.

Busy as hell.

But I think there’s some movement on the idea I had about what to do with the empty house.

It’s cold and nasty out here in the Beltway Swamp.

But the Red^H^H^HFoo^H^H^HCommanders beat the Iggles last night, which was nice.

The election’s still not sorted out, officially, but things look pretty much resolved.

The GenXer in me says, “let it all fall apart.”

But where I am with so many things, now, is getting rid of any sort of obfuscation. One of the news stories on the TV was about a five-year-old who got off at the wrong bus stop.

The mother, and the “community members” were upset about two things:

  1. The driver hadn’t been punished publicly, and;
  2. There’s no people on board minding the kids more closely.

Or, to restate, we’re upset that the driver’s life wasn’t ruined, and that there’s not more unfilled jobs for people on busses.

They never say the quiet part aloud. I initially typed, “here,” but it’s true all over. The officiousness, sure, is more pronounced here, but what can you say?

It takes a lot to get the fuck over yourself when it comes to that sort of things. I know it was something that was really holding me back, professionally, for a long time.

I’d say, no, I’m not allowed to do that.

But I so dislike failing, I look for reasons why I’m prohibited from doing whatever was asked, then failing.

Maybe it’s a personality flaw.

Back at it tomorrow. I am so not ready for Thanksgiving. I also ended up not taking as much PTO as I’d intended. *shrug*

It’s just there on paper.