On forgiveness

Something I’ve been mulling lately is how long it’s appropriate to hold a grudge.

Not sure what got me on this line of thinking, but it did go into thinking about companies I’m refusing to forgive for things they did during COVID.

I have relatives who probably never bought another NestlĂ© product after the boycott. Did that go too far? I mean, hearing about this would have been well into the 1980s. (I really don’t remember many current events before about 1985; I remember, vaguely, worry about my dad with the crash into the bridge out of DC; my dad had been TDY at Ft. McNair that day. A bit with the Beruit Embassy bombing, Reagan’s reelection…)

But when do you stop being angry with companies for overbearing things they did? Is it okay to permanently withhold your business?

I do try to forgive people who’ve wronged me, but there’s some I’ll certainly never speak to again if I can….

*STFW for this*

Hmph. I’m going to send this to my psychologist to see what she thinks.

I don’t know. But I’m inclined to never visit the places that wanted vaxports ever again.