Settling For Saturday

Odd week, but some resolution on what I’m going to be doing over the next few weeks.

It goes along with finding resolution on lots of things.

  • I think I’m permanently finished with some things and places. i just don’t have any fondness anymore. I find it a bit fascinating how you can people can just erase anything someone might have found interesting. So whatever. The Gen X comes out; I’ll find something else.
  • With that, perhaps more than is healthy, I’ve been looking into Yuri Andropov. Some of this is in reaction to the rally the LP shamefully signed its name on to in DC a few weeks ago. Growing up, and in school, I’d heard a ton about Prague 1968, but there wasn’t a lot I got on what happened in Hungary in 1956. When I was there (1993), Budapest was an interesting mix of modern and filthy. Seeing some of the more-recent pictures, it looks a lot better. But the Andropov-era scars were still around. Excuse the sourcing, but Putin loved the guy. I think there’s probably some backstory that can be absorbed from examination.
  • I haven’t watched any XFL. I will probably watch some USFL when it comes back, but the desire to watch sports is somewhere behind many other things. Again. Whatever.