Write about Reason event in DC

Ah, yes, the thing on tap for me.

I think I missed most of the fun stuff that was earlier in the day.

It’s not something I paid particularly close attention to, but I was really just going to kinda show my face as a donor.

Katherine Mangu-Ward, and a couple of others I sorta recognized were out front of the building when I showed up.

Looked like people partaking in various smokable materials. I didn’t ask to partake.

The new office is a nice location.

I was only there about an hour. Had a drink, talked to a few people, especially the couple from LA who are on the foundation. A bit of discussion of other Reason events I’d attended; how I thought King NeoHip Scott Horton lost the debate-to-end-all-debates from NYC last year.

Nick Gillespie came and introduced himself, shook my hand.

I kind of touched on it yesterday. There’s a lot of instances where the US has done things it shouldn’t militarily. But it’s also done things that don’t have any benefit, whatsoever, for a particular Defense contractor.

I don’t know how much time and effort the agency I used to support, spent copious amounts of resources getting the hospital ships ready to go do humanitarian operations around the world.

But, nawp, everything is to put more money into Raytheon. (And they missed that that moniker has kind of been abandoned in the past year or so. But they also think that the stuff that comes from the hippies circa 1983 is still all, and forever true.)

So more money going to support what they’re doing.

I do wish they’d push back harder on some of the stupidity that’s coming out of Auburn.