Step Away Saturday

I barely worked yesterday, and didn’t succumb to the temptation to do so.

I didn’t completely avoid work, even though I “took the day” off.

What’s an hourlong meeting, really?

Rumors on the Internets that I nodded off towards the end of it are untrue. I did manage to close the close out the app; I couldn’t be that far out of it, right?

Oh well. I’m engaged, even when I’m not supposed to be.

But the extra sleep helped me out.

I should spend time rearranging things here in my office space, but I’m really not finding the motivation to do that.

Thursday night, I watched both the football game, and debate between Newsome, and Ronnie De.

Whoever lost proved my hypothesis — you give up forty points, serve up the Fortyburger, you lose. I still haven’t seen it disproven. Yes, there’s been instances where teams have come back, sent the game to overtime, etc., but I’ve yet to see one come back and win. You serve up the fortyburger, you lose.

Then the debate. Newsome said, maybe in his opening remarks, even, that he and Ronnie De were going to be their parties’ nominees. Agreed.

But I was watching, really, with my own weird political confirmations. With the utter destruction of the Libertarians Party, I’m kind of to the point of where I am really only concerned about voting against someone I don’t like.

But that’s where I am.

It opens me up to live pretty much anywhere. Whatever. I’m going to vote against the worst candidate only in situations where my vote might make a little bit of a difference.


Little dog needs to go outside, I think, but I’m going to do my late charitable donation first.