Late On Saturday

So it really doesn’t matter.

Work is incredibly trying at this point. Really trying to not get too caught up in asshole behavior, or, to needle the HR mafia, the equity that’s been stolen from me with new policies.

Just pace it along in with the family stuff that’s going on nearly a thousand miles away.

Kind of distracted on this Championship weekend. Only two games tomorrow. 1500, and 1830 Eastern.

Also tracking the stuff on the AI-generated photos of Taylor Swift.

So the solution is to snitch, call the cops? What can government do to fix the issue?


Except kill people and break stuff.

Should Daffy have killed Bugs for this?

What’s the difference?

The thing about seeing someone naked in an intimate way is different than just seeing a fake representation of someone engaged in whatever while namked.

Was I disappointed by the photos of a forty-something Belinda Carlisle in Playbo No. Were they representative of what she’d be on a routine day? Doubtful.

The chances of me actually ever seeing her naked in person are still exactly the same — zero.

B.C. did the shoot of herself willingly, and got paid for it. But let’s say she didn’t. How would throwing people in prison make the situation better?

For football tomorrow, I had this thought:

Just bouncing around ideas. There’s certainly better food in San Francisco and Ballimore, but those were what first came to mind.