Free Saturday

Reflexively I was going to type “Good Morning,” which is my usual multiple-location check-in for work.

But I’m really settling in after I made my changes early in the week.

Though I’d been leaning that way for a while, this BAR Pod ep. pushed me over the edge.

Whatever’s happening, there’s sources who won’ t ever admit they were wring about anything.

The totes-didn’t-used-to-do-evil company did the right thing, and fired the pro-Hamas employees.

So. What have I cut this weeks?

I could do a catalog, but what’s the point? Nobody’s ever going to reconsider their priors.

Not, a free month isn’t going to change my mind.

Show that you’ve got something worth me spending my money on, and I’ll buy it if I like it.

I apologize, but my brain’s more scattered than normal today.

Busy week ahead.

Part of that will be continuing to ignore the neoHips.