Suspicions Confirmed


Well, if they endorse him, and he accepts it, I’ll definitely be voting for someone else.


Just nothing worthwhile there. First potential prom date decided to go with someone else (RFK Jr.), so see if you can get the most well-known kid on campus ask.

Trying to figure out how “The Party of Principle” zOMGANTIWAR!!1!RON PAUL people could ever be okay with the guy who was behind the Abraham Accords, and killed Solemani.

There’s just nothing there. Nothing.

So turn it off. David Bergland’s quiz was awesome. Campaigning for Harry Browne in college was important. How many of them have read How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World?

Jersey Dave Smith points to the 9/12/2001 essay by Browne as one of his starts into Libertarianism. It’s what prompted me to divert my attention around 2002. The US was absolutely right to respond to 9/11. And to the USS Cole, which so many people seem to forget.

Just nothing worth supporting. No intellectual arguments at this point, even.

Oh well.