On Top Of The Issues That Matter

Still fumbling around today with the cost of the President’s student loan forgiveness.

The NeoHippie contingent really, truly believe that the spending is there to because of American Imperialism, and the dangerous MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX that Eisenhower warned about.

I graduated college in 2002. I think my per-semester cost, even at its highest point, was something like $3000/semester.

I worked through college, and took out loans to allow my parents to shove more money into their retirement accounts.

My wife went to school via the Virginia Community College system. We did take out a loan for something like two semesters, as I was making basically no money. We repaid that quickly after she was working, and I once again started earning more than a pittance.

But, back to the story. ALL of the almost twenty years of military operations in Afghanistan cost about twice what Biden is doing with a pen stroke.

But, see, like, we’ve got this convicted pedophile who’s gonna learn the world that everything bad that’s happened since 1945 is because of something the US did.


There’s nobody who has an answer.

There was a projected budget surplus in 2001. How much more are governments spending today than they were in 2001?

It’s not the WAR MACHINE.

It’s your college professors. It’s all the blessed infrastructure that’s been built.

Interest rates have been held artificially-low since about 1993.

Tax revenues don’t even sniff spending levels.

But have you seen the price of real estate, and equities?