Words of wisdom

[panzer] I’m a firm believer in the-best-tool-for-the-job and
[panzer] time to blog
[tim] dont blog blindly
[tim] know the technology behind the gui
Supposedly it’s snowing outside — I don’t see it. Or, rather, it’s not snowing here.
I have to go to work today on my day off. It’s going to be teh suck. I went in last night, got my normal shit done (with much screaming because other people can’t do, or refuse to do their jobs, and have the nerve to call and let me know that they aren’t going to do their jobs), fucked with this new server a bit. Couldn’t get much done on it, because they’d set a root password at the factory and neglected to tell me WTF it is.
More fun than work, however, was what I did last night, helping Ethan and //c fuck around with the laser. Results here. Burning shit is cool.
Imma go play dod now, then go to work.