Digital Cobwebs

A big part of what I’ve been trying to do, professionally, is get people to think about what they actually need their systems to do.  We’ll deal with the years’ worth of cruft that’s there after we get a good working setup.

I’m also having to do that with my creaking shit at home.  This weekend’s task?  iTunes.  My libraries are a disaster. Between things I ripped back when I was trying to be a Free Software zealot, various things that I picked up when I was working on others’ computers, etc., my iTunes library is a hot mess.

“I think I’ve finally made mine Bieber-free.”

That’s nice to know, hon.

Bitch point?  ID3 tags go by genre.  If CDDB changes an artist’s genre, you could easily end up with two copies of the same song, from the same album, in your library.  I’m hitting a lot of dupes with Rock/Pop/Alternative, and Rap/Pop/R&B.

This ain’t pop — because that sucks — And you can New Jack Swing on my…

And he makes kids’ movies now, and has been married to the same woman over twenty years.  Hardcore, O’Shea.

Different from work with this is that I really don’t care about being vendor-independent anymore.  I’ve cast bet on Apple.  Oh well.  I hope I don’t come to regret it ten years from now.

(At the same time, I think It’ll be even less of a concern for me ten years from now than it is now…..)