Giving 340%

Because 110% is lame, cliche, insufficient.  (And 340 is what I came up with for my current work “utilization.”  In quotes, because I’ve still yet to hear a compelling argument for use of the word, “utilize.”)

I haven’t worked today.  I’ve barely glanced at E-Mail.  This will be the case next weekend, too, when I actually take a day of leave for the first time since [redacted] laid me off.

So, what am I doing?

1.  Fighting this trolls from [redacted], working for [redacted].  Jesus might have thrown the money changers from the temple;  I wonder what layer of Hell collections agents are in after they die.  I’m not going to talk too much about that here, now.  I may ramble on about it later.  I mentioned, in passing, to one of the agents that I was starting to think there wasn’t an option for me other than to lawyer up.  I’m thankful one of my professors from remembered me when I contacted him back in January after [redacted] laid me off.  If I have to drop him a few bills to get this taken care of, so be it.  (Tip of the hat, Mr. Messier.)

2.  ISC BIND is still a PITA.  But I think I got it fixed, finally, on Icecube.  My v6 resolution will work again, even if the v4 to home needs updating again.  Hopefully, the SiXXS PoP in Ashburn stays up.  *sigh*  Cawcks may be my “friend in the digital age,” but they sure haven’t caught up with non-deprecated protocols.  (And, yes, I know I need to buy a DOCSIS3 modem, but even if I did, I wouldn’t get a routable v6 address yet.)

3.  Rumors on the Internets, and from Sarah, Ethan, are that Enferex is back in Tidewater on holiday.  (Do the Aussies use that as dingoer lingo?)  I hope I get a chance to catch up.

4.  Music tidying is tedious.  See the “digital cobwebs” entry a few weeks back.  I still haven’t gotten my library where I want it, but it’s closer.

5.  The new Facebook plugin setup/sync is less onerous than the one I’d tried before (or I’m just less stupid).  Comments work again.  That said, you can register, and comment via the native WordPress stuff.  I just have to approve them.

6.  Tecfidera is going.  Over the past week, I’ve had flashes of near-adequacy on my vision.  They’re still pretty short-lived, unfortunately.  On the bright side, I’ve seen things on my iPhone that I haven’t seen before.

7.  HRT never called me back.  Looks like they’re going to shut down the Dominion Tower bus stop next week.  This is a problem for me.  I’m not saying I don’t understand, though.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than two people get on there, four people on the bus at one time.

8.  I’m rambling.  I probably ought to quit writing now.  *yawn*