Get to the point

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So much of what I see lately that passes as awesome work actually isn’t, for a variety of reasons.  I could enumerate them, but why?  Nobody is going to read the reasons, anyway.

I think I started articulating this after reading Dana’s post, and understanding her sentiments about wanting to write all the things.  Ultimately, though, it comes down to the fact that people are utterly unwilling these days to take the time to even attempt to read all the things;  the effort you spent in writing them — is it wasted?

At the same time, words do have meaning.  Language is the primary way we communicate with others.  People who are satisfied with doing the barest of minimums really don’t deserve my limited energy.  The spoons wouldn’t be wasted if the reward matched the effort.  Right now, in many aspects of my life, the efforts far exceed the rewards.

So move on.

That might disappoint some people, but not the ones I care about, and certainly not me.  To paraphrase Popeye, I am what I am, and that’s all that I am.  Using the language to the best of my ability is part of that.  I’m not going to relearn something I know to be incorrect.  Sorry.