Day 16

It’s Saturday. It’s raining off and on. Thanksgiving is coming soon. I’m okay with this; I need a break. I will be taking one, regardless whether or not this thing heats up.

My wife bought me an iTunes gift card. I wanted one song, but spent nearly the entire card balance buying an entire album. Bad, irresponsible me.

(And, yes, the transition into the Springsteen cover in the link above totally works.)

Write about an experience that changed a long held belief you had.

“Don’t ever change.” Such an inscription is probably scribbled inside your school yearbooks. But letting a single event change you, your beliefs, doesn’t make any sense to me. Isn’t one of the signs of terminal adulthood that you lose your snap judgement?

I’ve changed my mind on several different “major” issues as I’ve aged. 22 year-old me probably would think mid-30s me is pretty lame. Maybe I’m just an old conformist.

(No, I was never a goth kid. Wouldn’t have been able to pull that one off, either.)

That said, I understand there’s situations where acting against my original intention is the correct thing to do. “Steer into the skid.” Another thing many young people won’t understand with the ubiquity of front-wheel drive. (Though I suppose it’s true on a bicycle, too. I could ask, but it’d require more than conversation in passing. And how do I avoid the evangelistic sermon? Riding a bike is probably more perilous for me than driving a car. With my vision the way it is, I do neither.)