You can leave

That’s the phrase that’s been floating through my scarred brain lately. And I am/have. Facebook. Google. Twitter might be next if I can find something that I find to be an adequate replacement. Sometimes, it’s the only thing left.

You Could Read

If you wanted to know why I left. I appreciate the gesture to get me to return, but I left for multiple reasons. Am I curious about what more is there? Mildly, but I’ve made my decision, and I’m going to stick to it for a while.

Aware of what you can’t see

This week is supposed to be about raising awareness of multiple sclerosis. I really hate that euphemism, “raising awareness.” Is anyone really not aware of cancer? It’s quite possibly going to kill you, eventually. Yes, you are going to die, and chances are it’ll be cancer or cardiovascular disease. Is anyone really not aware of … Continue reading “Aware of what you can’t see”