Going to knock out things early this morning just because I’m awake, and then I don’t have to worry about it later.


The biggest thing was something that came across late yesterday afternoon, that Biden wants everybody to wear masks outside of their houses.

My initial reaction was that he wouldn’t have the authority to do that as President.

As the news trickled in, no, he wants governors to mandate it.

Um. Closer, but may not be possible in every state.

Orange Man Bad also checked in on the “other” side.

Does wearing one protect you from getting it, or does it protect other people?

Blah blah blah.

I can’t help but think that this is a last minute push to ensure that he’s put more people in prison than Kamala Harris.

I normally wear a mask on the rare occasions I’m outside. I’m the one who might be more susceptible to catching the disease.


*searches for current numbers, does quick maths*

3.17% fatality rate. (Take the number of deaths, divide by the number of confirmed cases, multiply by 100….. You’re still not getting what I think is probably a very large number of people who’ve had it, and nobody would have even thought twice to do a test to confirm that.)

Being sick with it would suck, but I’m not terribly concerned about dying from it at this point.

Concerned about dying from something the state does, well, yeah, I’m worried about that, even more after watching another George Floyd officer’s bodycam video last night.

I was also thinking about one of the places where it’d sort of make sense to consider living, and thinking that I’d be more concerned about defending myself and my property from the police than from criminals.

When you’ve reached that point, maybe, just maybe, your government has reached the point of being oppressive.

But what else should I expect from the Maryland Democratic Republic (MDDR), and a locality that really seems to envy the power that the Stasi posessed.

Flashback time.

She thinks she missed the train to Mars…. – 8/14/2002

….she’s out back counting stars.

Drove well into North Carolina last night, and still couldn’t get out of the haze. So I went home and drank.

Am I really pathetic that entertainment for me is The Sopranos on DVD, Tonito’s pizza, and Budweiser?


So, the job of network admin was dangled in front of my face this afternoon…..

I’ve reluctantly agreed to go through the motions that’ll get me the job. At the same time, I think I’ve more than proven myself, and the job ought to be mine now. Not after I fix their fscking problems.

But I ain’t gonna say that. 🙂

I actually bought a copy of that song from iTunes before Apple decided to go to the Apple Music thing. So it’s one of the things that pops up in my library sometimes.

Sometime after I started drafting this, it actually started randomly after I hit play on my wireless earbuds. I was intending for it to resume the podcast I’d been listening to previously.

I think I bought the track after Kennedy played it as a bump on one of her shows.

HUM were never really something I was into when they were popular, but I guess I that song stuck, even years after it was released. (See the 2002 date from when I referenced it….)

Okay. Back to paying my protection racked. After I sleep for a while longer.