Writing Prompts 3/3

  1. What are your plans for the evening following what was surely a long week? Are you satisfied with how the year went?
  2. November 22nd is a big day for a graying segment of the population; calculate your age for that particularly bad day in Dallas, and describe the most important President of your lifetime.
  3. Last weekend before the short week. For fellow U-S Americans, this is essentially a three-day week. Do you have any big plans for the remainder of week before tryphtophan poisoning?
  4. Write a bit about why you’ve chosen to write this (and past) years. How many years have you been at it? Art you satisfied with what you’ve written this year? In past years?
  5. Describe your travel plans for the next few months. Is there any destination you’re really excited about? Any you’re dreading?
  6. Describe what you’re doing for the rest of this year.
  7. Write about your day. For Americans, if you’re stuffed/drunk/sleepy, describe why. If you’re a Cowboys’ fan, we understand why you’re drinking, but please elaborate anyway.
  8. Today is “Black Friday.” Is this just a gimmick? Will you be shopping for $religious_observance?
  9. Since today is the last day of the month with a prime number, describe your last prime-numbered age. What were the highlights? What were the low point?
  10. The end. Please free-write about what you’ve done this month, and the past year.