NoJoMo 27

Write about your day. For Americans, if you’re stuffed/drunk/sleepy, describe why. If you’re a Cowboys’ fan, we understand why you’re drinking, but please elaborate anyway.

It’s not even 8am. I woke up because I needed to take my morning medications, and I was cold.

We are headed to my mom’s house this afternoon for Thanksgiving dinner. My wife wants to watch the Macy’s parade, so we won’t head north until after that’s over. Unfortunately, that means I’ll probably miss a lot of the one game on that’s worth watching today.

We are going to my mom’s because she wanted to cook, and my brother moved to Dallas over the summer with his wife.

Also, what the fuck, NFL? Six NFC teams? Part of the draw of Thanksgiving football has always been that one game was a conference rivalry (often in-divsion), and one cross-conference game. Lett us not forget Leon in the snow at Texas Stadium.

I guess my brother is going to the game with his Cowboys’ fan wife. I can’t say I’m envious, really.

So, four days off, which I seriously need. Four days to finish up this edition of NoJoMo.

Maybe I should go back to bed.