NoJoMo 28

Today is “Black Friday.” Is this just a gimmick? Will you be shopping for $religious_observance?

Yes. Probably not much. After this hellacious year, I really don’t have any money to spend. That I bought myself a new laptop for the first time in seven years a couple of months back didn’t help that.

I also haven’t gotten the balance I still owe on my MRI back in October, either. Hopefully, the added expense of my new insurance policy will take some of the cost off of that next year.

I like my current insurer, but that policy won’t be renewed. *cough*thanksObama*cough*

I did put up a Black Friday post on the ITS757 site. I’ve decided to renew the business license for next year. Maybe customers will start flowing in. The sorts of stuff I’m doing at this temporary job are giving me some more ideas. It’s incredible how much money’s been spent on this stuff I’m manning, when it could probably done better…with a lot less footprint. “But you might break something!!1!”


But I am going to focus on shopping small. I’m really happy to see some progress made on a fellow Hatch member’s project. I tweeted to see if they’ve got anything for Saturday. No response yet, but, holiday.

So, early post today. Two more days, then I’m finished. While there’s some relief in that, , I feel like I’m just starting to regain my stride when it comes to writing. I have a lot to say, even if nobody’s reading it.