NoJoMo 29

Since today is the last day of the month with a prime number, describe your last prime-numbered age. What were the highlights? What were the low point?

Let’s see; that would have been 31. Unfortunately, it didn’t mean World Class Chocolate….

Well, this one is actually pretty easy. Highlight: marrying my wife. Low point: losing my dad.

I’m trying to remember what sparked this prompt. Maybe it was just me looking for something to plug in after looking that the calendar. I have another prime number birthday before I become a man. Thanks, coach. (And, I was going to say two, until I realized that 39 is divisible by three….)

Today is “Small Business Saturday.” After my body is ready, I’ll go shop some at my favorite small businesses. First stop is getting my hair cut, and facial hair trimmed. Then to the pharmacy. Then….? Maybe lunch at the brasserie across the street. Sadly, my friends in the grocery store across the street are gone.