Yes. Day nine again. *sigh* This is what happens when you can’t type…..
So, my morning routine depends upon whether or not I’m in the office. If I’m in the office, this stuff happens about an hour earlier.
Wake up
Take pills, watch news
Take injection
Ice injection site
Leave for work
Get to work
Work for about an hour on various stuff — mainly responding to E-Mail, etc.
After that, really depends upon what’s going on. There’s a concept called “core hours,” where meetings are supposed to be conducted, etc. It’s from 0900-1500. Regardless of where I am, I need to be fully engaged during that time. The hours before and after that are really for me to do administrative stuff.
Is it time for coffee, yet?

In my current job, I work fully remotely.
I generally wake up sometime before 0600, as my wife is running off to her job.
Ideally, I’ll take my panoply of pills, drink two cups of coffee, and eat some breakfast.
Then shower, and drag myself to where I work.
I’m trying to miss the parts about taking injections.
Nope.  Not working.
I’m adept at working remotely.  I’m going to have to go in to an office some time soon to pick up a security jibble I’ll need to do some work.
And after I wrote that, I just ended up working  until 1820 EDT.

Sofa King Done.