Twelve (7/31)

More busy than ever today.  Is this job kicking my ass?  Maybe.
That said, I’ve been able to listen to lots of podcasts while I’m working.
I do look in on social media from time to time.  Today’s gem, courtesy Virginia’s senior Senator….
Really bad ideas
Someone ought to beat Lurch with the cluestick;  none of this shit is within the realm of possibility, technically.
You can’t do this, but far be it from a fucking politician to understand that.  Motherfucker didn’t support Net Neutrality until it became a political issue his party was behind, and technology didn’t cause a big negative effect on his financial holdings.
There’s a lot more angry things I could spew out, but I’ll refrain.  There’s no reason;  nobody is reading this.
But I will go to onion routing if I need to.  And if you want to lock me in a cage because of it, go ahead.