Write about your recycling habits..

My recycling habits…..ummm, I try to do the “right things,” but it’s tough for me in my current situation.

I can’t haul shit (and there’s the George Carlin bit about “shit” versus “stuff”) to the recycling center; I don’t drive.

Today, of course, the news outlets will be recycling shit from 1963. (And ignoring that the President remembers it about as well as I remember Reagan being shot….)

I do try to use up what I have. Case-in-point: the prompt a few days ago about describing the year month-by-month.

I wrote a lot, but none of it really fit with the prompt. It was also a lot of bitching about my string of horrible jobs. I will probably use bits of it as I spew more bits from this scarred brain of mine.

I recycle other things, too. Leftovers. Like that strange Korean beef my wife didn’t like; that went into my lunch.

Is that really recycling, though? Good question.

You look at the economics on it, until very recently, the only thing that it made any economic sense to recycle was alumnium. I haven’t bothered to check whether that’s still true. I would guess that with the collapse in the oil market, it probably still is.

The Green <strike>Energy</stike>Alchemy Economy we were so loudly promised in 2008 got knocked off the shelf by one of the fracking-induced earthquakes.

There haven’t been increases in carbon taxes. Al Gore’s vaunted cap-and-trade scheme didn’t happen.

But this was the answer.

Well, that, along with CFLs from GE.

I’m trying to decide if there’s anything else to say. I’m rather surprised I didn’t get unfriended by someone who proudly proclaimed that she was pruning her Facebook friends list of anyone who disagreed with her politics.

(Disclaimmer: there aren’t many who agree with me, and that’s okay. Hell, my wife and I disagree on a lot. Funny story, though. One of her professors is a local politician with whom I got into a Twitter spat years ago. A different friend posted something she’d written in the local birdcage liner about how to fix the Electoral College. She said pretty much the same stuff I’ve been saying for years.)

It does take me back to college where I was accused by a counterpart in the Student Government Association of being far too egalitarian for anyone to like. The take was along the lines of, “everybody would get what they need, but nobody would be happy.”

When it comes to things like recycling, the same is true. I probably bother the hell out of “both sides,” as I lack the faith of one side, as well as the skepitcism of the other.

Whatever. It’s who I am.

I would say, “so recycle me!”

But the medical establishment won’t even take my blood, courtesy some beef eaten in England in 1988.

Oh well.